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Women's Costumes

Bat Lady

212 Bat Lady

Item #212
Price $140.50

Robin's Hoodie

213 Robin's Hoodie

Item #213
Price $147.50

"Naughty" Schoolgirl


Item #215
Price $115.00

Naughty Nurse

217 Naughty Nurse

Item #217
Price $125.00

1/2 Angel 1/2 Devil

220 1/2 Angel 1/2 Devil

Item #220
Price $80.00

Jungle Girl

250 Jungle Girl

Item #250
Price $75.00


251 Cavewoman

Item #251
Price $65.00


252 Goddess

Item #252
Price $95.00

Greek Chiton

253 Greek Chiton

Item #253
Price $115.00


260 Cleopatra

Item #260
Price $165.00

Sophisticated Witch

265 Sophisticated Witch

Item #265
Price $130.00

Night Vixen

266 Night Vixen

Item #266
Price $100.00

Peasant Wench

270 Peasant Wench

Item #270
Price $165.00

Peasant Maiden

271 Peasant Maiden

Item #271
Price $165.00

Sexy Saloon Gal

277 Sexy Saloon Gal

Item #277
Price $160.00


280 Dorothy

Item #280
Price $150.00

Evil Queen

291 Evil Queen

Item #291
Price $285.00

Satin Gypsy

300 Satin Gypsy

Item #300
Price $180.00

Roaring 20's Flapper

340 Roaring 20's Flapper

Item #340
Price $125.00

French Maid

360 French Maid

Item #360
Price $150.00

50's Felt Poodle Skirt

380 50's Felt Poodle Skirt

Item #380
Price $70.00

Bouffant Skirt

382 Bouffant Skirt

Item #382
Price $50.00

Renaissance Royal

400 Renaissance Royal

Item #400
Price $325.00

Renaissance Regalia

405 Renaissance Regalia

Item #405
Price $325.00

Lady Pirate

412 Lady Pirate

Item #412
Price $150.00

Good Witch

420 Good Witch

Item #420
Price $225.00

Little Red Riding Hood

425 Little Red Riding Hood

Item #425
Price $200.00

Mrs. Claus

505 Mrs. Claus

Item #505
Price $200.00

Lil' Miss Claus

506 Lil' Miss Claus

Item #506
Price $125.00

Men's Costumes

Sweet and Simple

221 Sweet and Simple

Item #221
Price $70.00

Little John

230 Little John

Item #230
Price $175.00


232 Caveman

Item #232
Price $60.00

Valentino/Arab Sheik

233 Valentino/Arab Sheik

Item #233
Price $175.00

Roman Tunic and Sash

234 Roman Tunic and Sash

Item #234
Price $120.00

Male Genie

235 Male Genie

Item #235
Price $120.00

Rockstar Guy

236 Rockstar Guy

Item #236
Price $325.00

Unisex Costumes

Wizard Robe

200 Wizard Robe

Item #200
Price $115.00

Basic Black Witches Gown

210 Basic  Black Witches Gown

Item #210
Price $85.00

Velvet on Satin Cape

225 Velvet on Satin Cape

Item #225
Price $165.00

Under Garments

Basic Petticoat

1010 Basic Petticoat

Item #1010
Price $40.00

Deluxe Petticoat

1011 Deluxe Petticoat

Item #1011
Price $70.00


1100 Bloomers

Item #1100
Price $42.50


Here you'll find returns, concept costumes, closeouts and other items. Some of these costumes are one of a kind.

These costumes are sold AS IS and arenot returnable/refundable .
Please Read the descriptions carefully.
If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us including the item number.

21502BGN Naughty Schoolgirl skirt & hairtie
Click on the picture for a closer look
Naughty Schoolgirl skirt & hairtie
[Item # 21502BGN]

The skirt fits waist sizes appx. 45-52 in. and is 17" long. Hairtie included. Skirt was a return in new/unworn condition.

265TBGN Sophisticated Witch
Click on the picture for a closer look
Sophisticated Witch
[Item # 265TBGN]

This costume was made specifically for this picture. This is a W1X black satin/black sparkle ensemble. The backlength of the underdress is appx. 41" from the neckline. The overskirt measures 41" in length.

266BGN Night Vixen
Click on the picture for a closer look
Night Vixen
[Item # 266BGN]

The satin dress option was the original design. We no longer make this dress in satin. This dress also has an elastic neckline. The panne velvet dress was made specifically for the catalog picture.

Dress Fabric
271BGN Peasant Maiden
Click on the picture for a closer look
Peasant Maiden
[Item # 271BGN]

W2X Costume includes fully lined, floral bodice, wine colored, 3 panel elastic waist skirt (appx. 39" waist to floor),full length ivory chemise and mop cap. This costume is a new, unsold costume.

412BGN Sexy Pirate
Click on the picture for a closer look
Sexy Pirate
[Item # 412BGN]

W1X - Sexy Pirate includes the Satin overdress which has a poplin lined bodice, center boning and metallic trim. The red underdress is trimmed in lace. The hat is not included. This costume was made specifically for this picture.
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